Webinar on Story map for Hindon River

India Water Partnership (IWP) in collaboration with TREE Craze Foundation and Green India Corporation organised a virtual Webinar on Story Maps for Hindon River. The workshop is for sensitizing students, local communities and administrators by means of story maps that effectively focused on explaining the physical features of the River especially River Hindon, how human intervention impacts the physiology of the river and how vastly it impacts the whole eco system. The session gave immense know how on how River pollution leads to all sorts of negative impacts on environment and gave informative ideas on restoring the current welfare as well as future of Rivers.

The participants include District Development Officers, Shamli and Saharanpur; Representative from Water Resources Group 2030 and others. These story maps are developed as part of the project on "Development of a GIS Platform to support decision making for Tributaries Management in Hindon River Basin", aided by a small grant from India Water Partnership (IWP).

Virtual Webinar workshop on Story Maps for Hindon River