Kick-starting STEER Program

STEER, an acronym for “Sensitization and Thinking Enhancement for Environment and Rivers” is a step forward by TCF to inculcate an attitude of responsibility towards environment amongst the young and adults alike.

Under this program, sensitization sessions on various topics related to environment are taken up in schools which are supported by hands on activities to be carried out by the kids. This not only makes the kids aware of the environmental challenges but also empowers them to take the ownership and contribute, and at-least attempt to not let the environment degrade further. This acts as an aid beyond the bookish knowledge to enable them overcome the last hitch to take such steps by themselves, at their home, within their communities and so forth. In the academic year 2019-20, the concept has been piloted in 3 government and 1 private schools in Delhi/NCR on the topics like Waste Segregation, Composting, Water Conservation, Water Footprint etc. The sessions were primarily activity oriented with a small chat or presentation and hence proved to be engaging the kids very well. Immense enthusiasm was seen among the kids to find a re-connect with their natural surroundings, the fun way. The sessions were highly appreciated by the school authorities.

Though primarily targeting the school kids, by means of this program, TCF also conducts sessions and workshops in communities, participates in community fairs etc. In November’2019, TCF participated in a community fair in IGNOU Campus to make people aware of solid Waste Segregation and Composting.
Also, a stall was set up at DPS, Noida in the Gandhian Heritage Festival to showcase the upcycled products and sensitize people towards environment.

Programs under STEER-Waste Segregation, Composting, Water Footprint

Launch of waste upcycled products

Waste is not waste until we waste it. Nature has no element in the universe called waste. The term has been solely devised and designed by humans for their convenience. A few more feathers have been added to it in the name of westernization and development. Even our ancient culture promoted reuse and recycling of products in one or more forms. Upcycling, which was very much obvious for our forefathers is the new and fashionable facet of waste management. It is basically an attempt to enhance the life of the products already made, thereby reducing the need for production of more.

In an attempt to connect our upcoming generations to the roots, convince the current generation of the bold fact “Waste is not waste until we waste it” and somehow reduce a bit of burden on our mother nature, TCF has launched a huge range of upcycled products, mostly utilizing the waste materials collected during our cleanliness drives.

TCF Workshop for-Upcycled products, making of eco-friendly Ganesha