Ganga Quest 2019 is a multiple choice questionnaire having three rounds of 10 questions each. The first two rounds are the qualifying rounds, and winners are decided based on the performance in third round.

Round 1: The Qualifying Round

  • There is no right or wrong answer in this round. Tarini Dolphin just want to capture what you perceive about River Ganga
  • There is no clock ticking to complete this round.
  • This has to be attempted just once to qualify for round two.

Round 2: The Knowledge Building Round

  • This round has 10 general questions on Rivers/Ganga.
  • To proceed to round three, The Decisive Round, one has to get all the 10 answers of this round correct.
  • For every right/wrong answer, you get to know some interesting facts related to the question by your companion Tarini Dolphin!
  • This round can be attempted multiple times till you get them all correct.
  • Please note that although this is just a Knowledge Building Round but, the performance of the participants in this round based on the no. of attempts taken to qualify/time taken for the last attempt, can be used as a tie-breaker for round three.

Round 3: The Decisive Round

  • This is the decisive round of the quiz, based on which the winners – "Our Ganga Champs-2019" will be decided.
  • This round gives the participants a choice to select any two subjects of their expertise out of the undermentioned seven themes
  • i. Historical and Cultural Significance of Ganga
  • ii. Flora and Fauna
  • iii. Current affairs and governance
  • iv. Physical geography
  • v. Famous places and personalities
  • vi. Socio-economic and livelihood
  • vii. Pollution/Water Treatment Technology
  • This round offers just 1 attempt to each participant.
  • The clock here will be running fast
  • Winners will be selected based on the accuracy and time taken in this round
  • The correct answer and the explanation/facts for all the answers will be detailed in the report sheet after the round.